I am the Watcher

At times

in the sticky of events

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still do I Watch

I am an observer

though at times

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when it is deemed appropriate

by HE WHO conveyed me

I act

That which I see is recorded

in the account of Time

never to be expunged

There is cypher that is not written

nothing is forgotten

For that which you do

you are command accountable

also for that which you do not


Read therefore

and swot up what it mechanism to be watched

read and learn

that you may be

as it was preordained

Learn of the following

and be well

Things of the heart

In the inside of all this turmoil

that we nickname life

there has ever been one constant value

that never varies

It can neither be touched or seen

all can partake

but no can evenness it

It is enthusiastically given

but far to high-priced to buy

it cannot be bartered or traded for

if you hope it out it is not to be found

stop your query and here it is

What could this entry be

is it for indisputable can I have it

will it last

The statement is


and sole if

you are one of the

extremely lucky.

I will cerebrate that which I see,

no concern what the point be

You may well not approaching what I say

but this you must know

All that is aforementioned will be true

and everything applies to you


We will mouth again.



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