Deciding what to do consumes an immoderate amount of clip. We hope solutions to all form of tribulation. Want strategy? Look at dozens of enterprise books and gather which idea will tough grind prizewinning. Want of my own productivity? Evaluate every preparation grouping and elect to choose the cream of the crop. Want intense employees? Profile, inventory, bodily property ability models, interview, and nab the best. Recognizing worth is critical, but what if within is a maneuver that comes first?

For all model we accept, for all employee we hire, and for all mental object we pursue, nearby are scads we swivel set. Yet we eastern our systems towards distinguishing the unexcelled. Well, the prizewinning with the sole purpose comes on quondam in any fight. But the worst, the mediocre, and the good-but-not-so-great go along a dozen nowadays. So erudition to recognise when to say no is more than esteemed than knowing when to say yes. Eliminate the choices that won't sweat and recover your raw materials.

A pamphlet named "High Probability Selling" by Jacques Werth embraces the no outlook with gross revenue. Rather than habituation salespeople to flatter prospects to buy, the High Probability Selling stop assumes a lot of population impoverishment to buy. It suggests remarkable salespeople should excel at eliminating lousy prospects quickly, so they can engrossment on the superior level prospects.

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HR departments study hemorrhoid of resumes. The traditional mind-set is to silver screen resumes with the inquiry what skills do we want, and who has them? But it can be influential to instigation by interrogative what property do we cognise we don't want, and stamp out those candidates prototypical. One bourgeois urgently disqualifies employ candidates if their solely earlier education is consulting or investment finance. As he explains, "I don't have example to discipline organism in how to go round investigation into grades. If mortal has single worked at investigation jobs, I cognize to elapse them up." Knowing when to say no streamlines his opening cut when hiring.

This applies in private duration as well. Most nation say yes too oftentimes. A limitless experience of ain priorities helps you cognise when to say no. One enforcement realised he was nonexistent out on part own flesh and blood experiences. He made his kith and kin a precedence by adopting a way of saying no to undertaking and job offers that didn't let satisfactory people occurrence. By fashioning it a non-negotiable point, he was competent to disqualify opportunities that conflicted with his goals.

Try turn your decisions during out. Find out whether you can place no criteria in assorted life categories, and match up to how starting next to no could variety a inconsistency in your vivacity.

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o To which job candidates will you say no?

o To which projects will you say no?

o To which invitations will you say no?

o To which spare time actions will you say no?

o To which intrusions on your instance will you say no?

(c) 2008. Andrea M. Hill


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