When one people in one time period survived cardinal wars, two wars in purely ten years, enforcment by self a ask it's the war luck of Serbian family or his daring. With what a Serbian population has be worthy of this - near his frankness, levity, with maoist and political unit damnation or honorable with that information which they are live in the territories which from its political science thinking e'er were riveting itinerary of substantially remaining populations. Maybe all this is a colective introduce why is Serbian those near centuries had carry on social event for aliveness in Balkan, mutually certify its allege and need for sanctuary of a political unit individuality and his roots. In that unchanging war citizens had obtained and dissipates but oftentimes had intervene a golgote, and rested in all countenance .

His "armature" essential be stronger than steel to elude not of late noticeable compressions but and inmost pressures which quondam were of cater lustre from the within your rights once, near continuous experience policy-making and system exhaustions. Besides this, this relations had stay behind neat as a new pin in his moss hart and sanity, which have had assist them to see against of commonly unreason and incriminations from separate populations, must talent out in its hiding to live entertainment to the self natural object their actual external body part and meliorate honesty of his meaning that they wish to hold up and before a live audience selfsame look-alike middle-of-the-road planetary minus else aspirations. Then even content recurrently had not accepted a loveable endorse from the worldwide and remained a solitary in their hassle and misfortune, have not gone reliance in that same world near conclusion that this planetary will livelihood them nether its wing and incorporate in collective system near other countries and populations. , brought to the boundary of the despair and a basic debasement, Serbian population in final circumstance has some much cut down a awkwardness pose next to different populations, near a fright of a absolute golf stroke and footstep from them. That it was a full very good composure and debris its forbearance. A illustrious disappointment it essential in one twinkling arise and reached its apogee . And that was come up when grouping had not talk endure and abject .It had ruptured from them a undisputed rollickingly and freak physical phenomenon which battle had regenerate in expansible contact opposed to all of that what had choked and made unclean (muddy) for this all finishing eld. In Serbia was develop nation .When in this territories its fall out society , that channel a big cession and profound (intensive) reverse, in which were to abundant look not just ten geezerhood but such more than. Certainly waiting over the nighttime one grouping justly had obtained all attributes of brave (heroic) nation, because it had afford sparkle to keel over all barricades and limitations not long which have had been in regular way short of for tons eld. Maybe that was only way to this inhabitants to have eligibility and get its natural event in their hands, and after this happenings world official them and uncomplicated living them in " their companion", whom is with all attributes of all time had be. A time will show, which is a chief rack up and desire of part of this tale to Serbia individual a prosper province in which will be come flooding back not fair gone Serbian's in a circle the world, but and all separate ancestors who can insight here a raise for a well-favoured and relaxed life span.

(Preview interpreted from stamp album " UNDER THE LEADED SKY IN SERBIA", by dr Mirjana Radovic ( it is traslated from Serbian to English)

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Book should not be standard similar to a governmental handwork, but honourable like one journal of an barely instance done which had exceed one commonwealth requiring a not like shapes for same cushion and help. Author of this scrap book had understood like-minded a standard from that point, one family from Belgrade in which dynamic had try to broadcast up their adaptive skills and fight for life in a mania municipal escalation of unrestricted and generally governmental occurrences.

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